He will cheat on you if he thinks he’s the winner.

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How about your man feels about his performance in life and position in society goes a long way in determine his fidelity to you, his readiness to engage in intimacy with you, and his chances of approaching other woman. If he is generally doing well in life, his ego might be so inflated that he started cheating on you. This will especially be like if he thinks that he’s doing better than his peers or competitors. This conclusion has been drawn by a research study that was conducted by biological anthropologist from the University of Cambridge and published in the Journal of Human Nature

Apparently, the study says, a man’s sexual hormones will significantly and swiftly change if he winning and losing.” We found out that a perceived shift in social status can instigate a psychological change in man that will prepare him to shift his mating strategies in order to optimize on his reproductive success” the researcher said. The study found out that once a win or lose is induced into a man’s mind, the body will unleash chemicals and hormones that swing behavioral changes between a short term sexual engagement and a long term reproductive engagement.” A common trade-off for males across and within species is between mating strategies. One reproductive approach is short-term, investing time and energy in attracting and perusing many mates, and fighting off competition. Another approach is long-term and includes investing energy in raising offspring with a single mate, “the study reported.

When running the study, the researchers explored social and sexual rivalry by putting 38 professional male athletes in a completion with each other. Samples of saliva were taken to taste hormonal levels before and after the competition. The study also took answers from a series of psychological questionnaires that were set to gauge the men self – esteem, willingness to engage in casual sex, mating trends, and how they valued and rank themselves in the mating game.

From the result’s, men who believe that they were winner scored an average of 4.92% increase in there testosterone levels. On the opposite extreme, those who were convinced that they had lost saw the testosterone levels drop by 7.24%. Overall, men who thought they were losers had testosterone level that was lower from their competitors by 14.4%. “This shows that both testosterone and its corresponding psychological effects can fluctuate quickly and opportunistically in response to perceived change in status that may increase mating value. “Said Dr. Danny Longman, the study’s lead researcher.

In a relationship with a bully

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Bullying is associated with schools, but remembers that these playground bullies grow up to become the men and women we fall in love with and marry. There are many spouses in relationships who are victims of outright bullying and control or disguised bullying and intimidations.

How it start:

Signe whitson, the author of the Angry smile, says that bullying usually starts subtly. A bully will first test the waters before he can unleash his actions.” He will start calling you names, or start teasing you in a manner that denigrates your self-esteem. Then he will start getting aggressive, mostly physically, through small acts of aggression such as grabbing, “she says. Once he notices how you react, he will go into stage two where he will start bullying you full throttle. “His primary aim will be to make you feel totally powerless and alone, and that you cannot function or exist outside his fold, “says whitson.


Why it happens:

Some of the most prominent bullies are narcissist and psychopaths. But Professor Ronald Riggio, the author of The Practice of Leadership. Says that spouses could also become bullies to cover up there insecurities or because they are bullied outside the relationship. “Bullies will not only be abusive to their partner, but will also instill fear and intimidation in their children.


Disguised criticism and public shaming:

A bully will not only bully you in private but also belittle criticize, rebuke and put you down in public. He will deny you the freedom or autonomy to gather and express your own points by showing the rest that you’re dumb. For example, he might say, ’you’re doing it so wrong, or, can’t you do anything right, or let me show you how to do it, ’says professor Riggio.


When you’re the bully:

While your man is more likely to be the bully in the relationship, he could also be the victim. A research study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says that your man will tend to feel bullied and controlled if you have more appealing contributes such as a higher salary .on the flip side, he could feel bullied and controlled if you’re constantly on the phone checking up on where he is, who he is hanging out with, and persuading him not to see certain friends. Pro.Ruggio also says that you will be perpetrating a form of bullying by belittling him in front of your friends,’ we could be far ahead were it not for his stupidity! ‘Or ‘he thinks he’s the king of love making but he is way inadequate!’ or ‘what a toothpick his weenie is!’


What to do:

You will have to stand up to a bully. “You must understand that the longer you give in to a bully e tendencies, the longer the bully will thrive, “say whitson. You must beware of the bully’s reaction once you stand up to him. For example, he could resort to more aggressive forms of bullying or get violent outfight.


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During dating, many women confuse red flags with love and so end up in damaging relationships. It’s a personal decision to break from such relationship. Some people say that they were warned by their friends and relatives, but they assumed that there men will eventually change for the better, only for it to get worse.

Leaving an abuser is not a walk in the park. Some of them will seek revenge. So you need to make hard decisions, like stopping all contacts with him or his people. Change your cellphone number as well as where you live. These are some of the difficult steps to take because an abuser is not just a person whom you can just wish away.

Most of them do not agree with the reality of a break up. Remember, these are insecure men and their self-esteem is very law. That makes them even more difficult. If I become worse it is import to involve family members or even police.

Out of every three women worldwide one has experience either physical and /or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime according to World Health Organization (WHO).

A story of a woman who fall from abusive husband

They say love makes the world go round; indeed the world did spin after ‘love of my life’ hit me hard with a blow to my head. Then he scooped me up and held me against the wall with his hands tight around my neck. We were on a romantic gateway at a villa, and light from candles started to dim. As I felt my body give way to the darkness, and I prayed that my child would find a loving home after I am gone.

Suddenly, I could breathe again. My fiancé wrapped me tight in his arms as he let go my neck, and sobbed. In between his sobs, he muffled and apologies and blamed alcohol for his envy and suspensions. He said he felt insecure after his male friend jumped into the pool after me, and as he watched as we played in the water, he lost it.

Looking at my engagement ring sparkle in the semi darkness our lavish villa, I chose to sleep and forget. Two month later, I walk down the aisle to say ‘I do’ to him –after all, it happened only that one time and he promised it would never happen again.

Fast forward to month later, life happened. He was thrown off the board of his organization and his accounts frozen. With no money and fueled by frustration, he took to the bottle to pass time. Soon after, he turned his keen eye on me, scrutinizing every action I took, hating my little income supporting us and monitoring my every movement. The insecurities showed up again. He began accusing me of infidelity and shadowing my every move. He had alcohol on his breath everywhere we went; he cut contact with his family and took our child to boarding school, and depended on me to make him smile. It drained me .I was very unhappy.

One morning, I work up to find him staring coldly at me. I brushed it off. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast and motioned for him to join me at the dining table but instead, he started firing accusations of infidelity at me. When I tried to defend myself, he grabbed me by hair and bashed me against the wall. Before I could recover, his hands were on my neck, squeezing harder as his jaw tightened. I stared into his dark eyes, clawing into his dark arms. I grew faint and passed out. I came to, to find him pointing a gun at me.

I lay half dead on the cold floor wondering how I would survive this. When he realized I was too dazed to hear what he was saying, he got up to go get some cold water to wake me up. It was then that sheer will to survive took over me; in a split second, I got to my shaky feet and jumped out of the balcony from our third floor apartment. A shopkeeper rushed to pick me up and hide me in her kiosk. Two hour later, a gun went off. Police were called in and neighbors rushed to see the body of my husband lying lifeless .he had short himself.

Being a Modern Gentleman

Modern gentleman

In today’s world, the right way to be a gentleman to a woman is to simply show her by way of your manners, conversation, body language, vibe and attitude that you are a man of class.

Be considerate, loving, caring, compassionate, attentive and present when you interact with her. However, make sure that you ALSO focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you.

While a woman might be impressed by gentlemanly behavior when she first meets a guy, she won’t remain impressed for long if he isn’t triggering feelings of sexual attraction inside of her. After a while, she will begin to feel suspicious and wonder why he is being so nice to her, even though she isn’t sexually interested in him.

She may then begin to treat him badly, show a lack of interest or lead him on and pretend to be interested (so she can continue getting all the nice treatment) while she focuses on finding a guy who actually knows how to turn her on.

Do you know how to attract a woman and turn her on when you interact with her?

Mistakes That Guys Make When Trying to Be a Gentleman to a Lady

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a gentleman, especially when you’re interacting with a woman who sees herself as a lady or high class woman. However, make sure that you don’t make the following mistakes that other guys make…

1. Acting like he just wants to be friends

A gentlemanly guy like this will be seriously interested in having a sexual relationship with a woman, but he will behave like an innocent friend. He will feel as though it would be disrespectful to be forward about his sexual interest in her, so he will act like he just wants to be a nice friend to her.

A woman may be impressed by his manners, but because she doesn’t know that he is sexually interested in her, she will keep her options option and look for a guy who is.

What many guys don’t realize is that most women are insecurity about their looks and sex appeal. According to the international survey conducted by Dove cosmetics, 96% of women do not consider themselves to be beautiful.

Women insecure about their looks

If a guy just acts like a friend and doesn’t make it clear that he finds her sexually attractive, a woman’s insecurity will often get in the way and she will act the same way around him.

She will be worried about getting rejected by him if she shows sexual interest, so she will act like a friend and then hook up with another guy who is confident enough to say, “Wow, you’re looking sexy today” or “Hey, I thought I’d come over and say hi…you’re easily the most beautiful woman in the bar.”

2. Thinking that good manners will be enough to woo her

Although a woman will be impressed by a guy’s good manners, if he doesn’t display the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, masculine vibe, ability to make her laugh, etc), she won’t really care about his good manners.

3. Being a fake gentleman, when he’s really just a normal, good guy with good intentions

Some guys pretend to be a really nice guy or classy gentleman, when they are really just a normal good guy.

At home, he will masturbate to hardcore porn with women being double penetrated, choked, etc, but around women, he will pretend to be an innocent gentleman who would never think of anything erotic or naughty.

One a date, he will open the passenger side car door for her to get in, pull out her chair, bring her flowers and try to impress her with an expensive dinner.

Trying to buy her attraction and love

Most women won’t be able to spot that he is a fake gentleman initially, but if the date goes on for long enough, the woman will eventually begin to pick up on subtle cues that he is simply putting on an act as a way to hopefully impress her.

When a woman gets the sense that a guy is being a fraud, she will raise up her guard and make it extremely difficult for him to escalate to the next level (i.e. kissing, sex, relationship).

How to be a Gentleman and Still Get the Girl

If you want to be a gentleman who can attract high class ladies, you need to first focus on mastering your ability to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman when you interact with her.

You are most-likely already a really good guy, so you probably don’t need to become any more gentlemanly. You have the manners, you have good intentions and you want to find yourself a lady.

However, what modern women (including ladies) are looking for first and foremost is a man who can make them feel sexually attracted and turned on. You have to start with sexual attraction and then everything else flows on smoothly after that.

Manners Are Great, But They Are Not What Gets You Laid or Gets You a Girlfriend (how to be a gentleman)

Boring date with a gentleman who doesn't know how to make her feel attracted

This myth of the gentleman getting the lady is often reinforced by TV drama shows, woman’s magazines and romantic Hollywood movies, where the nice man always gets the lady in the end.

When a guy believes that the world actually works in the same way that he sees it working on TV or in the movies, he then tries it and gets rejected by most of the women (including the very lady-like women) he tries it on.

When that happens, he might begin to think that women no longer like men who know how to be a gentleman. Yet, that just isn’t true.

Women are still as attracted to gentlemen as they have ever been. However, if a gentleman is not able to first create an attraction between himself and a lady, then his good manners are just that, good manners…and nothing more.

She might appreciate the fact that he’s a good guy and has really good intentions with her, but she just isn’t going to be feeling much or any sexual desire. These days, most relationships start with kissing and sex, not long, drawn out courtships that go on for months and years.

In the past, a woman had to save virginity for marriage and she also had to find herself a man who could support her. She couldn’t earn her own money and the society around her didn’t allow her to have sex before marriage.

Marriages around the year 1900

When she got married, she was stuck with that man for life, so she had to take her time and find a real gentleman who could support her.

Not anymore.

Modern women

Women can now earn their own money and have sex with whoever they like before settling down. They don’t even have to settle down if they don’t want to.

If a woman isn’t happy with the man she has chosen (regardless of whether she is a lady, a party girl or a girl next door type), she is allowed to leave him and find another guy.

Modern women

To save all the hassle of going through a lengthy dating process, most modern women now start off with kissing and sex and see where it goes from there. For example: A recent study found that 55% of couples had sex on their first date and 70% of women admitted to having experienced a one night stand before.

In other words, you don’t need to be a gentleman and court a woman for months or years before you get a chance with her. Start with sexual attraction, kiss her, have sex with and then begin a relationship if you want to.

If you want to be a gentleman to her while you are going through that process, that will simply be seen as a bonus to her. She will feel lucky to have met a good guy like yourself who not only knows how to make her feel attracted, but has the classy manners of gentleman. It will be like winning the dating jackpot for her.