He will cheat on you if he thinks he’s the winner.

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How about your man feels about his performance in life and position in society goes a long way in determine his fidelity to you, his readiness to engage in intimacy with you, and his chances of approaching other woman. If he is generally doing well in life, his ego might be so inflated that he started cheating on you. This will especially be like if he thinks that he’s doing better than his peers or competitors. This conclusion has been drawn by a research study that was conducted by biological anthropologist from the University of Cambridge and published in the Journal of Human Nature

Apparently, the study says, a man’s sexual hormones will significantly and swiftly change if he winning and losing.” We found out that a perceived shift in social status can instigate a psychological change in man that will prepare him to shift his mating strategies in order to optimize on his reproductive success” the researcher said. The study found out that once a win or lose is induced into a man’s mind, the body will unleash chemicals and hormones that swing behavioral changes between a short term sexual engagement and a long term reproductive engagement.” A common trade-off for males across and within species is between mating strategies. One reproductive approach is short-term, investing time and energy in attracting and perusing many mates, and fighting off competition. Another approach is long-term and includes investing energy in raising offspring with a single mate, “the study reported.

When running the study, the researchers explored social and sexual rivalry by putting 38 professional male athletes in a completion with each other. Samples of saliva were taken to taste hormonal levels before and after the competition. The study also took answers from a series of psychological questionnaires that were set to gauge the men self – esteem, willingness to engage in casual sex, mating trends, and how they valued and rank themselves in the mating game.

From the result’s, men who believe that they were winner scored an average of 4.92% increase in there testosterone levels. On the opposite extreme, those who were convinced that they had lost saw the testosterone levels drop by 7.24%. Overall, men who thought they were losers had testosterone level that was lower from their competitors by 14.4%. “This shows that both testosterone and its corresponding psychological effects can fluctuate quickly and opportunistically in response to perceived change in status that may increase mating value. “Said Dr. Danny Longman, the study’s lead researcher.


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